Uploaded:  7/17/09

Fundraising/Research Award
Josie Mazzo Children's Charities

Nominated by:  Kim Wilson
Website:  http://www.josiemazzo.com
Location:  PO Box 626, Burns, TN 37029

I'd like to nominate the Josie Mazzo Children's Charities for your award.  This charity was started in memory of a little girl who died after a battle with mitochondrial disease.  Josie's parents help run this charity that helps raise funds for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House of Nashville, and parents and children affected by numerous diseases and disorders.
This charity plays a vital role in the Middle Tennessee Mito Support Group.  Without the charity and its contacts, many of the group's activities would not be possible.  This has helped many families together as a group.  Personally, this charity has helped our family financially be able to seek specialists in other states for my son's care.  I also know they have helped other families as they seek answers for their children.
This family and charity shares their lives and experiences so that other families can benefit.  They do many fundraisers each year and advocate on behalf of children.  This is a great charity!