Online Educational Tools for 
Children Requiring Nutrition Support

Having a child who requires nutritional support, such as a child on enteral feeds, parenteral nutrition, or a specialized diet, can be quite difficult.  Often parents find they need to educate themselves.  Luckily, a number of organizations and companies are now providing webinars and online educational modules to help make this process a little bit easier.  A few of the most common ones are listed below.

My HPN from Oley Foundation

In a previous article, we discussed the My HPN modules from the Oley Foundation.  These online videos, interactive quizzes, and written materials are designed for individuals requiring parenteral (IV) nutrition and their families.  This year, Oley has added two new modules, focusing on Fluid Balance and Glucose Control.  Previous topics have included catheter-related infections and prevention, and taking charge of your healthcare.  

You may view any of the My HPN modules through the Oley Foundation at

ThriveRx Webinars and Maximize Health Program

ThriveRx is an outstanding consumer-centered home health company that provides parenteral and enteral nutrition for individuals who require it.  As part of their comprehensive and holistic approach to their consumers, they offer ongoing educational webinars and online modules.  All of these are free for anyone who wishes to participate, regardless of whether they are customers of ThriveRx.  

One available program is the Maximize Health program, designed for individuals dealing with intestinal issues such as short bowel syndrome. This ongoing series includes a new online module introduced each month, with an accompanying webinar shortly thereafter, including a question and answer period.  Past topics have included fats, fiber, and vitamins and minerals.  Future topics for August and September 2011 include Vitamin D and lab assessment.  To register for the Maximize Health program, visit

ThriveRx also offers a variety of webinars on other subjects, ranging from TPN stability to health care rights and education rights.  Visit to view previous presentations and a list of upcoming webinars.  It is also helpful to join the ThriveRx Facebook page, which will provide easy access and registration to upcoming Webinars.

ASPEN Webinars

ASPEN is the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, a group serving professionals who care for people needing parenteral or enteral nutrition.  They offer frequent webinars on more advanced or specific subjects, many of which relate to children who receive enteral or parenteral nutrition.  For example, their upcoming October webinar is on monitoring growth in children with acute and chronic diseases. While these webinars are intended for professionals, they may also help family members who need very specific or high-level information.  

Webinars and other events are listed at  These webinars are not free, and registration costs tend to be quite high, especially for family members.  We would hope that in the future they might consider including low-cost registration rates for family members.  Nonetheless, some of these webinars provide vital information not available elsewhere and may be worth the cost.

G-PACT Webinars

G-PACT is an organization devoted to gastroparesis and other similar motility disorders.  They provide free webinars occasionally on topics useful to individuals dealing with gastroparesis or intestinal pseudo-obstruction.  Webinars are listed on their website,, as well as on their facebook page, at

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 Author:  Susan Agrawal
 Date Uploaded:  7/14/2011