Uploaded:  6/9/09

Author:  Joshua Wyant
A New Perspective on Life
by Joshua Wyant
6th grader

How it Started
Once in my life, I had a problem with kids with Autism.  I didn't really understand them.  I was making fun of them at one part of my life, and I regret that.  I was in 3rd grade when I started to notice that they were just normal people trapped inside a body that doesn't function right.  So, I started to visit them.  I started out slowly coming once a week in 4th grade.  Then I noticed that when I came all the teachers and some of the kids with Autism were happy to see me.   After that, I came twice a week, then three times and now, in 6th grade, I go every single day as often as I can.

New Kid
I had been going there a long time when a new student came in.  His name is Jordan.  I didn't really think anything of him.  But I started visiting him when I eat lunch there, he didn't really notice me, but after about a month or so, he started to interact with me. 

It started as Jordan listening to me.  Then it just escalated from there and now we are best buds!  He hugs me and is sad when I leave.  I can even calm him down when he is having a scream fest by just looking in his eyes and saying, "Jordan, you are making me sad.  Please calm down," and he will stop instantly. 

The teachers there even said to me, "You should contact Jordan's parents to see if you can see him out of school."  So, I did.  They were very pleased.  I was Jordan's first friend.  Then I met his parents in person and they were very happy to see me.  Jordan's mom was just happy-go-lucky from there after seeing me. 

Making a Difference
Since then, I have even gotten four other kids to join me to go there to their class at lunch, and they love it!  They go there every day now and I feel really good, because I know that I am helping kids with Autism.  Even if it is interacting with them, talking to them, or even just sitting next to them, you will feel a difference in you and the kids.