Uploaded:  6/9/09

Author:  Conner Worman
Talents & Friends
by Conner Worman
6th grade student

Everyone Has Talent
Everyone I know has a special talent, some people can play guitar and some can juggle pins.  Some of the most amazing talents I've seen are from children who have Autism.

I have been volunteering in Room 14 for 3 years, which is our classroom for students with Autism.  I have seen some amazing talents!  K.Y. can fix a laptop when it's frozen and A.M. juggles and has a secret handshake for everyone.  He also sings karaoke like a professional singer.  I am telling you that just because someone is different than you, it doesn't mean that they don't have talent.  You need to see these kids. 

Anyone Can Be a Friend
How many friends do you have?  4 or 5?  Well me too, but they are my best friends and that will not change, even if they have Autism.  Yes, my friends in room 14 have Autism.  They may act differently than me or my other friends, but it's not what a person does, it's their personality.  One boy, A.V., runs up and gives me a big hug every day. 

He says, "I like me," which is A.V.'s way of saying "I like you."  Another one of my friend's names is J.R.  Everyday when I come in, he comes up and says, "Hi Conner! Hi Conner!" and gives me a big high 5.

So if you are in need of a friend, look no further than Room 14 where a friend is a friend no matter who they are.