Uploaded:  6/29/09

Photos by SA, Shannon Gonsalves, Janis C. and Alison Beckwith
Organizing Supplies:  A Pictorial Essay
Pictures by Susan Agrawal, Shannon Gonsalves, Janis C., and Alison Beckwith

The following pictures and descriptions are just a few ideas to make organization a little bit easier.  Enjoy!

The Importance of Labels

Labels can work wonders.  Labeling everything is not only helpful to you, but it is great for clueless spouses, emergency situations when your brain is fried, and high-turnover nursing staff.

Check out this before picture, unlabeled:


And after, with labels:


Making a Bedroom Less Medical

If you are like most parents, you want your child to have a cute bedroom that is not completely overrun by medical equipment and supplies.  Here are a few excellent examples of disguising medical equipment and supplies.

Oxygen all dressed up:


A great storage system that looks completely nonmedical:

Until you peek inside a bin:


Prioritizing Storage Locations

We all have a LOT of supplies:  IV and infusion supplies, enteral stuff, respiratory stuff, urological stuff, and all the equipment that goes along with it.  You really need to prioritize storage spaces, putting commonly used items out and available, less commonly used ones within reach but packed away, and extra supplies in deep storage.

Here is a supply unit for items used throughout the day:

And storage for items used one time a day or less, hidden inside a closet:


Don't Underestimate Clever Storage Ideas
Over-the-door shoe holder used for medical supplies:

Some great looking file boxes used for medical supplies: