Bedroom, Bathroom and Ramp Project
Project by Kari Haldeman

This project consists of a conversion of an attached garage into a fully accessible bedroom and bathroom, with an outdoor ramp leading directly into the space.

This first photo shows the converted garage, along with the new ramp, before it was painted.  The ramp is extra long to make it easy to push a wheelchair up and down it.

The following two pictures show the entire bedroom, including an enclosed adapted bed.  The floors are laminate to allow easy access for a wheelchair and other mobility equipment.  Extra outlets were also added for medical equipment, and extra windows provide light.

Extra storage and closet space is an absolute must.  The following two pictures show the storage area and supply closet in the bedroom. 

The following pictures are of the bathroom.  It is fully tiled with a roll-in shower and shower chair.  There is no top on the bathroom doorway to allow for a ceiling lift to be added later on when it is needed.

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 Project by Kari Haldeman   Date Uploaded: 10/19/2010