Bedroom, Bathroom, Nurse's Area
and Multisensory Area Project
Project by Hannah Denny

This project is a comprehensive adapted suite, including a bedroom, bathroom, nurse's area, multisensory room, and exterior ramp.

This first photo shows the exterior of the suite, with an architecturally designed brick ramp leading up to a series of French doors.  The doors in the center enter into the nurse's area of the suite, while the doors on the left go directly into the bedroom area.

The entire interior uses wood floors for easy mobility, as well as widened or pocket doors for simple access between rooms.  Another plus is integrated speakers in all rooms, so music can be put in anywhere.

The nurse's area is cleverly designed to meet the needs of nurses, parents, and other caregivers who provide care to Hannah Denny's daughter Katie.  As shown in the first photo, it includes storage areas, a medication preparation area, a refrigerator and microwave, and a wall-mounted television for caregiver entertainment. 

It is designed so caregivers can easily view Katie in either the bedroom or bathroom, as shown in this picture.

The rear portion of the nurse's area contains comfortable seating, a sink, computer, and a washer and dryer, plus double doors leading to the rest of the house.

The bedroom area includes a beautiful hospital bed that is fully adjustable in both height and angle.  To the right is a ceiling lift system that allows Katie to be moved around the suite with ease. 

This view, taken from the bathroom, shows the exterior doors from the bedroom leading to the outside.  The bedroom and bathroom have wide doorways to the nurse's area, as well as a pocket doorway between them.

The bathroom is well planned, and includes such features as a height adjustable bathtub with detachable showerhead, a height adjustable changing table, and a ceiling track lift system connecting all areas.  Special features include the mood lighting and decorative mirrors, as shown in the second picture.

This photo shows the ceiling lift, allowing easy transfers from bed to bath and other equipment.  The doorways are specially cut to accommodate the lift equipment.

Finally, a multisensory area completes the suite.  It features a sound vibration mattress, a switch-operated bubble tube, mirrors, fiber optics, a disco ball, and a projector.  The walls are painted white and the windows have blackout curtains.

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 Author:  Project by Hannah Denny
 Date Uploaded:  10/27/2010